Since I began shopping for every day items at my fantastic company, I have seen some really amazing things. One of those is that my daughter’s skin inside her elbows has cleared right up. She suffered from eczema–a skin condition that causes dryness and itching. More information about her skin condition can be found here. She scratched so badly her arms were bleeding and scarred. We tried everything including prescription medications and nothing worked.

Once I purchased my home conversion kit, there was a little bottle of a cream in there. I gave it to my daughter and watched as the skin inside her elbows immediately started healing. Within a week, her symptoms had cleared up and she was wearing short sleeved shirts again. Wow!! You know, even if this company stops sending me a paycheck, I will always use their products.


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Staying Positive

My mentor send me this video she found about staying positive. I just love it! Sometimes building a business from home is tough–especially if you are having a ‘slump’.  It’s really important to keep yourself motivated and to remember your WHY. Enjoy this little snippet and have a fantastic day!

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Who Can I Help and How Can I Help?

Well for the last month, I have been pushing the whole “sign up for a buck” promotion. This is for my new customers and it’s the best deal ever! It ends on July 20th and will not be extended.

Here’s a funny short little clip about what you can get for a buck! Then, hit my webpage and see how to get started! My business partner and I want to hear from you

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Information About What I Do

I have been fielding questions from many different people about what I sell. I have been asked what the deal with is and well, I thought it would be nice to have a little information about it on my site 🙂

See….. that’s the beauty of the company I work with. I do not sell anything. I help people set up online accounts to purchase products directly from the manufacurer. Dead simple, and it’s just like that.

I have decided to have some links to information about the product lines that the company I work for. They are not my links but if you like what you see, there will be a link that you can request information to learn how to get these terrific products.

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Today I Fell in Love with My Life; Decide to Fall in Love With Yours

I’ve helped four families begin on the road to changing their lives so far! I can’t tell you how good that makes me feel inside. What’s beautiful about what I do is that I am *really* helping to make a difference in the lives of those I touch. I love helping people. I worked in the customer service industry for years and migrated to the human service industry. Now I am achieving my dream of really helping people. The company I work with is holistic. It helps people achieve what they want in four areas of their lives. That’s what I love about it!!!

I am changing too. There’s lots going on I tell you. When I make a decision to switch it up I mean it….lol! I have a great team to work with and the best business partner I could hope for 🙂

I was on our team meeting call and learned so much about how to improve myself. I laughed to myself as I listened though. I did everything the leadership team said not to do. Well, try, try again I guess!

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Let the Fun Begin!!

Well, it’s May 30, 2010 and I tried to enroll three people to shop at the same place I do. The online form for some reason doesn’t validate Canadian addresses…. ??? We’ll have to call the company and let them know.

So….. this means that my day tomorrow already has three enrollment appointments. Woo Hoo!! That’s three people shopping with a fantastic company. three people who will be improving their lives holistically (Is that a word??? LOL), three people will save money on their regular grocery bill and most importantly three people who are getting better quality products for their hard earned money.

I love my work! I am *really* helping people on multiple levels and not only one. My customers have the potential for healing on physical, personal, financial and physical levels!! What a feeling!

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Oh…a little later on…LOL

I’ve been doing a lot more writing on the internet and on facebook and my business page. Yet I’ve neglected my blog. I’ve lost count of the days with so much going on…

I’ve gone back to work part-time to try and have some kind of income for the month of June. It’s not a lot by any stretch of the imagination but somehow I just know I’m gonna be OK.

I wrote up another version of my bio–this one not showing so much of the courage and tenacity and strength to weather the storms with a smile. I love my life; I love the walk I’ve walked. It’s made me the woman I am today.

I am intensely focusing on the training right now and hope to have an in-home very shortly. I am still very positve and very excited and with the help of a great team this will be successful. I get to work for myself but never by myself. What a great feeling!

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