Oh…a little later on…LOL

I’ve been doing a lot more writing on the internet and on facebook and my business page. Yet I’ve neglected my blog. I’ve lost count of the days with so much going on…

I’ve gone back to work part-time to try and have some kind of income for the month of June. It’s not a lot by any stretch of the imagination but somehow I just know I’m gonna be OK.

I wrote up another version of my bio–this one not showing so much of the courage and tenacity and strength to weather the storms with a smile. I love my life; I love the walk I’ve walked. It’s made me the woman I am today.

I am intensely focusing on the training right now and hope to have an in-home very shortly. I am still very positve and very excited and with the help of a great team this will be successful. I get to work for myself but never by myself. What a great feeling!


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