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Information About What I Do

I have been fielding questions from many different people about what I sell. I have been asked what the deal with is and well, I thought it would be nice to have a little information about it on my site ūüôā

See….. that’s the beauty of the company I work with. I do not sell anything. I help people set up online accounts to purchase products directly from the manufacurer. Dead simple, and it’s just like that.

I have decided to have some links to information about the product lines that the company I work for. They are not my links but if you like what you see, there will be a link that you can request information to learn how to get these terrific products.


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Today I Fell in Love with My Life; Decide to Fall in Love With Yours

I’ve helped four families begin on the road to changing their lives so far! I can’t tell you how good that makes me feel inside. What’s beautiful about what I do is that I am *really* helping to make a difference in the lives of those I touch. I love helping people. I worked in the customer service industry for years and migrated to the human service industry. Now I am achieving my dream of really helping people. The company I work with is holistic. It helps people achieve what they want in four areas of their lives. That’s what I love about it!!!

I am changing too. There’s lots going on I tell you. When I make a decision to switch it up I mean it….lol! I have a great team to work with and the best business partner I could hope for ūüôā

I was on our team meeting call and learned so much about how to improve myself. I laughed to myself as I listened though. I did everything the leadership team said not to do. Well, try, try again I guess!

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