Day One

Today was one filled with a lot of running around topped off with creating my online journal of my family’s transition.

Let me begin with the last two and a half years. My DD and I left a man whom we had been living with because of abuse. We were homeless for five months, sleeping first at a shelter for abused families, then at a friend’s. The bed my daughter was sleeping in had a spider mite infestation and the basement I was sleeping in was used by the cats in the home as a litter box.

We moved to my hometown so that we could begin again with support from friends and family. Armed with my new degree, I set out to find a career only to discover, there was no work in my field. Competition is tough and people with more experience than me were applying for short-term contract positions usually saved for recent graduates.

I got a crappy job in a local call centre making ten bucks an hour. We’ve been trying to live on that ever since. Two weeks ago, I learned that my call centre was closing and that on September 1, I would be out of a job. Two days later I got a call from my long lost friend, Laila who presented a work from home business opportunity to me. I jumped at the chance!

On Monday, my daughter got sick and went into hospital. She’s OK, but I now know that working outside the home for all of her life has taken a terrible toll on her. I was planning on making the transition slowly however I haven’t got that kind of time anymore. So, this will be my journey shared with all of you. She is coming home this Monday coming. I am excited and nervous at the same time but I know that it’s going to be great!!!


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